To try something for the first time is the purest form of enrichment. You not only learn about the task at hand, but about people, and even about yourself.

Profound Aesthetic made its first foray into denim production this past season, featuring high quality, hand-distressed, custom washed jeans. We took a trip to China to not only maintain our own standards of quality control for our products, but to learn and even participate in the making of our brand new jeans. Producing clothing is a labor of love and passion, and denim often goes understated, in that no one really knows or cares how jeans are made.

Here, you’ll get to see our journey in designing, producing and ultimately delivering a product to our customers that we can be proud of.

Buy our ‘Earth Washed Destroyed Denim Jeans’ here.

We decided to feature a range of custom washes for our destroyed denim jeans, all inspired by a different feel or story we wanted to tell.  Take our Earth Washed Destroyed Denim Jeans for instance. They are named as such, sporting a very grounded color tone, from the blue of the ocean, to the sands of the desert, existing together in exquisite harmony.

We also wanted to stress a hand-made quality to our destroyed denim. It was important to us that these jeans not only look great, but feel rugged, gritty and worn in the right ways. They were individually washed to our guidelines and then one-by-one, distressed by hand. Though they follow the same general style, each pair has a beautiful individuality that can only be the result of handmade craftsmanship.

denim process by profound aestheticBack to our SoHo showroom with our freshly produced jeans in hand, we got to shoot them and learn even more about them as a polished product. Our denim has a lived-in quality to them, as if each pair could tell a story or withhold memories within their fibers. Their colors display a bit differently during the day than in the night, in all of their skinny fitting glory.

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denim process by profound aestheticdenim process by profound aesthetic

It was absolutely essential for us playing an incremental role in the process of how our products are manufactured, from start to finish. At the end of the day, denim is more than what it seems. Jeans are the most popular pants on Earth and sometimes we take them for granted. Our denim reflects who we are as human beings. They are a canvas for creative individuality. They have a purpose within them whether practical or otherwise. It’s hard to put a soul inside a clothing item, but denim is by far the piece most representative of human emotion. Denim is born and then blended with it’s wearer over days, months and years.

They live, grow, and shift over time just like the humans who wear them.

And with that, we present the Profound Aesthetic Denim line, our perfect skinny-fit destroyed denim, in a range of washes, available now.