In an enclave of serenity amidst the electricity of Las Vegas, Dominic Grizzelle, known online as GrizTriz, models several pieces from our latest collection. Here we see him in the Absent (Minded) Hoodie in black. This hoodie is made of 100% cotton and has pink screen-printed text across the chest that reads, “Absent.” Both the color contrast of the pink text against the black backdrop of the hoodie and the meaning of the text itself evoke the profundity of absence; darkness is the absence of light, apathy the absence of interest, and ignorance the absence of knowledge.

Our Poly-Suede Global Varsity Club Jacket is a visual reminder of the fortune we have to live in our globally connected world, where inspiration from diverse places rich in culture, fashion and art is instantly accessible. This jacket has a poly-suede outer shell, is lined with satin and has a snap button enclosure.

The Cargo Pocket Tee in faded woodland camo is made of 100% cotton. This tee is designed with slubbed fabric, resulting in a subtle striping underneath the camo print.  This piece features cargo pockets on the chest and hip as well as an embroidered patch on the left sleeve depicting a crane, the Japanese “bird of happiness.”

Featured pieces: Absent (Minded) Hoodie in black, Poly-Suede Varsity Club Jacket, Cargo Pocket Tee in woodland camo

Modeled by: GrizTriz

Shot in: Las Vegas, NV