In today’s social and political climate, the hijab elicits different reactions from many people. The religious and cultural headscarf worn by women of different faiths for centuries has quickly become a symbol for Muslim women, perhaps most prominently in street artist Shepard Fairey’s recent and iconic “We The People” display that documented the protests of President Donald Trump.

Blending the concepts of freedom and restraint through fashion is giving women a sense of empowerment. The headscarf, a symbol of modesty, is meant to represent the idea of modesty as beauty and challenges the traditional notion that beauty is inextricably linked to sexuality.

Profound Aesthetic sheds light on Muslim women who far too often are caught in the crosshairs of the false perceptions of Islam in the United States today. Maria, a social media influencer who has been featured in the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and Allure, wears pieces from our newest collection, showcasing her own “hijabi” style. This editorial gives a voice to Muslim women through the juxtaposition of traditional ideas of fashion and beauty and the symbolism of the hijab. You can visit to shop Profound Aesthetic online.

Wearing our Triple Ghost Paneled Cargo Parka in Off-White, Maria commands a sense of quiet confidence.  This parka is made of 100% cotton, has “Profound” embroidered in white across the chest, has the 13 colony flag embroidered on the upper left arm and has front cargo pockets. This piece was designed with the number 3 in mind, as across various cultures and religions the number 3 represents balance and fortune. A large hood with a snap enclosure at the neck as well as front and back cargo pockets help this parka achieve practicality.

Our Birds of Heaven Embroidered Satin Bomber in white is constructed in an incandescently brilliant satin, providing the optimal backdrop for an embroidered depiction of vibrant birds cohabitating in their equally vibrant environment. This is an authentic military bomber jacket, designed for someone in motion. There are two waist pockets and a sleeve pocket, which has a red tab extending from the YKK zipper, one of two of the most eye-catching features of the jacket. The other is the tabs extending from the jacket’s rimming. The colorful artwork is a stunning contrast to the rich white satin body of the jacket. There is also a strong contrast with the black embroidery, embroidery that contains Japanese letters spelling “Honorable Opponent.”

The Fighting Tiger Hibiscus Parker Jacket in forest green adds the perfect element of subtle intensity to any outfit. Made from 100% cotton, this jacket features unique details including embroidery of a roaring tiger, a pair of red hibiscus flowers and a printed sewn on cotton patch. The parka is fully lined with red plaid, has adjustable waistline drawstrings and a back fishtail accent with drawstrings.

This deep olive graphic tee, made with 100% cotton, features screen-printed tiles of an abstract image in black and white of a woman. Covering the images in red text reads, “Please Paint Roses Over Our Secrets” as secrets are meant to be kept unknown by others. The Painted Roses Tee in light olive was screen printed by hand.

Our Denim Strap Jacket in light sand wash is a military-inspired piece, initially given to U.S. Military soldiers during the Vietnam War. This infantry classic can now be worn by civilians to commemorate the armed forces. The jacket features a naturally worn-in look and sets of large pockets with asymmetrical pocket flaps which are mirrored at the forefront. Directly below the front pockets are duo strap details that enclose 14″ side slits. Reflecting the side slits, there is a rear 16″ opening with adjustable draw cords, allowing you to alter the over-sized silhouette. This is a unique sun-washed light denim fabric that pairs well with most denim washes.

Here, Maria has paired our Gallery Exhibition Tee in natural white with our Denim Hoodie in light sand wash. The Gallery exhibition tee, made of 100% ring-spun cotton,  has a screen-printed black and white image on a light pink background, placed at the forefront of a dancer with text that reads, “Beauty Motion and Fluidity.” Below, is Japanese text that says, “Profound” and the definition of profound which is “extending, situated, or originating far down, or far beneath the surface.” This tee, which was designed and printed in the United States, serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty in the fluidity around us.

Our Denim Hoodie is designed as a vintage, distressed, mid-weight jacket. The hoodie has a front denim drawstring for adjustability and a comfortable fit, classic rounded-off front pockets divided at the front closure, and Profound branded matte gold buttons.

The Hibiscus Bomber jacket in champagne features dimensional embroidery of the Hibiscus flower which symbolizes beauty, unity and peace. The deep red thread work of the flower compliments the golden shade of the body of the jacket. A gracefully scripted Profound logo is embroidered on the left chest. On the left sleeve there is a pocket with a matte metal YKK zipper that attaches to a contrasting red cotton tab. Two pockets with snap button closures are placed vertically for comfortable reach. A full-length matte metal YKK zipper is at the front placket accompanied by quilted lining.

Featured pieces:

Triple Ghost Paneled Cargo Parka in off white, Birds of Heaven Embroidered Satin Bomber in white,

Fighting Tiger Hibiscus Parker Jacket in forest green,

Painted Roses Tee in light olive,

Denim Strap Jacket in light sand wash, Gallery Exhibition Tee in natural white, Denim Hoodie in light sand wash, Hibiscus Bomber jacket in champagne

Modeled by: Maria Alia

Shot in: NYC