Set in an abandoned warehouse in Nashville, TN, Mika Matin takes us on a journey that showcases our Time Will Tell collection. Featured here, the Flying American Eagle Bomber Jacket in olive is accentuated with burnished gold stripes that run from collar to wrist. The focal point of this piece is the large North American bald eagle and American flags beautifully embroidered across the jacket’s chest. Complete with a YKK zipper and tabs that extend from the jacket’s rimming, this piece of outerwear exudes an effortless aura of military-esque confidence.

Paired with this jacket we have the War of Roses hoodie available in a sleeveless version. The hoodie is composed of an ultra-soft mid-weight cotton and features the blooming red rose, a recurring motif that transcends time.

Mika’s journey concludes with the Poly-Suede Varsity Club Jacket, a visual reminder of the fortune we have to live in our globally connected world, where inspiration from diverse places rich in culture, fashion and art are instantly accessible.

Featured pieces: War of Roses Hoodie, Flying American Eagle Bomber Jacket, Poly-Suede Global Varsity Club Jacket

Modeled by: Sophia Lauer

Photographed by: Mika Matin

Shot in: Nashville, TN