The history, the time period, the ideologies have all lead to the varied world of garment creation. The influence from the armed forces has had a major impact on the peculiarity of various pieces in our collections. These serve as commemorative threads, bringing to light the essence of our freedom. The Aeronautics Nylon Flight Jacket in Light Cream seen above roots back to World War I. Most airplanes during this time period did not have enclosed cockpits, therefore the navigator and passengers needed an outfit which was compatible with mother nature at these high altitudes. The U.S. Army introduced this get-up as a heavy-duty leather jacket which was characterized by the waist band and high wraparound collars – which lead to the highly distinguishable Bomber Jacket we see today. Fused in culture and pride, creations like the Nylon Flight Jacket reflect the creative and expressive looks from a variety of our pieces. Japanese Images of courage, strength and discipline are used to foreshadow the influential force of culture which accentuates the Profound concept of war and beauty.

Americana/Team Sport

Sports in America do not only represent a game, they represent a deeply rooted relationship around togetherness and camaraderie within society. When one thinks of a team, we can imagine a melting pot of like minded individuals seeking one common goal. At the helm of a team is a Coach – the teacher, the mentor sporting his signature “Coach Jacket”.  With the essence of the Coach’s authority, the Black Detachable Nylon Pullover from above demands respect. Inspired by culture, sport and art, the signature embroidered patches of the flags From America and Japan are on the right arm while the flags from Great Britain and Turkey are on the left. On another spectrum of the Coach Jacket is the Four Flag Worldwide Hooded Windbreaker seen above in white. Showcasing the camaraderie between nations intertwining into that same togetherness we see from the world of sports.


Punk Aesthetic was birthed in the UK and then flowed into New York City. This mid 70’s movement countered the previous mindset of love and peace and dove into the darker waters of something more angry yet just as beautiful. This radical mindset transformed fashion, becoming the roots for the distressed look, studs, badges amongst many other elements which were used as a political statement on the street. Motor-cycle gangs and Rock and Roll bands are the staple for the social imaginary of rebellion. Amidst this Anarchy is structure, organized chaos in the form of expressional pieces of clothing which showcase that philosophy. The freedom to express yourself through fashion is the Anarchist mindset – not following the tides and relentlessly refusing to conform.


Our circle of existence is reproduced through the interaction of life and nature. We are at times to caught up to examine the world around us, we miss the parallels of nature to our own lives. Selective pieces in our collection bind the idea of Anarchy and Nature through the visuals of Roses commemorating 80’s rock bands underlining our brand ideology – war and beauty which mirrors Nature and Anarchy. Worlds colliding into one creating concepts which expand the mind, the Aesthetic approach to clothing lies in the inspiration of the world and our history. Nature is an innate energy which produces life and is the continuation of progress and evolution. Our pieces seek to continually proceed and grow as the world around us does.


A term which can be traced back to an intellectual movement which emerged towards the end of the 18th century. This wave was characterized by artistic, literary and musically inspired individuals. Strong emotions expressed through sources of aesthetic pleasure pioneered by imagination. Many garments through our collections were structured in this way – focusing on creativity and dreams rather than rationality or what is deemed as the “norm”. Through stepping out of the obvious focus, garments can be created which bring various facets of the world together, around a concept which narrates the story of the Profound Aesthetic mindset.

– Words by, Shawn McAlpine.