Firing off onto the scene after the release of a few viral tracks and through his unique and distinct approach to crafting his art, OG Maco quickly created his own lane and was recognized for it when he was chosen to be part of the XXL Magazine 2015 Freshman Class. Hailing out of Atlanta, and signed to none other than Quality Control, Maco is gaining some serious momentum. One can peg him down as a certain type of artist after listening to “U Guessed It”, his viral video exceeding 50m views on youtube, but there is much more to this rising star. Give his Breathe EP a listen, and you’ll be reminded to never judge an artist off of one track. You will be met with a very well-spoken and intelligently curated balance of lyricism. Touching on events of police injustice where lives were lost, without any justice or cause – using his reach to touch upon topics which needed to be spoken about.

Maco sports a diverse collection of free releases, showing his consistency and overall determination to keep progressing and giving back to those who follow him. Four free mixtapes, and eight free EP’s – his last project, titled “Blvk Phil Collins” a solo project preparing his fans for his long awaited formal debut album “Children of the Rage”. This seven-track EP sources instrumental contributions from a solid foundation with names such as Heroes x Villains, DJ Snake, MyBoyRoach and Rikki Blue to name a few. We’re a big fan of OG Maco’s work at Profound, through sharing common views and ideologies – valuing this young artist as a dear friend. We had a chance to meet with him before a show, supplying him with a few signature pieces, and the thrilling leader of the youth took over our snap chat during his live performance. Nothing but love and support from us, keep rising into stardom Maco.