Youth culture today is extremely entrepreneurial; designers, creative’s, musicians, and artist all owners of their own brands. Collaborations have become an opportunity to reintroduce concepts, allow for new interpretations, and to tell authentic stories. “A New Generation” a creative collaboration between Profound Aesthetic & Pepsi slated to launch exclusively at UNKNWN Miami during Art Basel on December, 3rd.

“A New Generation” is a 90’s inspired capsule that reminisces of old New York; stadium jackets, baseball caps, and a minimalist design. The Americana foundation that Pepsi has cultivated for decades is reflected in the capsules red,white and blue color palette.  Pepsi’s support of creators and collaborators shows their willingness to be disruptors in a market that often can be saturated.  By being the conduit to experiences that youth culture chooses to share they’re actively investing in the culture.

The release will be supported with a private party at one of Miami’s most prestigious venues; FDR at The Delano Hotel. The night will feature performances by Amir Obe, Sonny Digital, and Metro Boomin.