The Room

A showroom is a creative space – bringing in fashion, energy, positivity and business into one area. The inspirations, mind maps, conversations and creations come from our Soho showroom in New York City. Knowledge and research are the keys to success when it comes to forming a movement with the clothing, something that is impactful and memorable. Nothing is possible without the assistance of your team, everyone has their own niche which completes the essence of the brand and the visuals we produce. A positive and uplifting environment does wonders for one’s creativity and overall attitude towards various projects. An aesthetically pleasing work space enhances your mood thus increasing chances of success. Photo-shoots, meetings, garment selection and analysis, collection construction and visual designs happen under our brand name and its neon glow. 

The Intuition

We’ve had numerous visitors come through the office, picking up some gear and taking a Polaroid snap by the brands luminous radiation. Various inspirations can be seen on the photos below – Impressionism, a 19th-century art movement which nurtured freedom of creativity. A group of artists called the Anonymous Society of Painters & Sculptors (among other Artists) organized an exhibition in Paris and the movement was created. Impressionism contributes greatly to the “open-air” street painters we see today, using the light of day to guide their art work. Fashion should not be boxed into one category, it is an expression and mastery of all forms of craftsmanship tangled with naturalistic stimulation.

The Theory

We keep close ties with our surroundings and the innovators of fashion throughout history. Books are the spiritual and intellectual food for the mind, it allows us to be familiar and aware of someone or something else. Lee Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) was one of fashion’s most revolutionary designers and a genius of his time. A commemorative book of his existence lives in our showroom. Anne Deniau was the only photographer allowed backstage with McQueen for 13 years. She captured various moments, collaborations and inspiring events. Love Looks Not with the Eyes is a photographic memoir of the storied designer, paying homage to his contributions to the world of fashion. These photos are gateways into the Profound Aesthetic’s philosophical approach to garment creation and a glimpse of our teams cunning focus.

Words by, Shawn McAlpine. 

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