Chynna Rogers

Multi tasker extraordinaire – Chynna Rogers stopped by our showroom to show some love. This talented individual is well beyond her time when it comes to comfortability behind the camera and setting lyrical fire to a microphone. Based in Brooklyn by the way of Philadelphia, Chynna earned a spot as A$AP Mob’s first lady. It has been said that she has inspired more verses than she’s dropped, but all that will be a mirage as she continues to pierce into stardom. Chynna already has a few viral hits under the belt – “Selfie” and “Glen Coco” together, approaching 500k hits list on Youtube. Keep looking out for the young speeding bullet as she continues to straddle the world of Modeling and Rapping with ease. Make sure to vibe to her latest mixtape titled “I’m not Here. This Isn’t Happening.”  – R.I.P Yams.


“Grey Layers of Style and of Substance” – Jeanne Grey is quickly becoming one of the most creative and prominent bloggers of our generation. Her visions bounce around from Fashion Stylist, Creative Directing, Market Coordinating and essentially anything that has to do with today’s influential digital world. Perhaps one of her more unique traits is Jeanne’s immunity to “norms” and what is deemed as “right or wrong” when it comes to fashion and gender. She is creating a disconnect between men’s and women’s fashion, intertwining both worlds freely and skilfully. The New York based blogger has an outstanding perception for clothing, and this has translated into a huge following throughout her social media handles. A very elegant lifestyle entrepreneur, make sure to take a look at her feature in one of our editorials as she enchantingly rocks Profound gear. Continue making statements and bending the rules Jeanne, thank you for hanging out with us.

Fat Jew 

Aka Josh Ostrovsky, our dear friend and digital pioneer. Many may know him through his famed Instagram persona @thefatjewish, tallying up to 9.5M follows to the present day, and this number is escalating by the minutes. Is it the funny Memes? The Hairstyle? It goes beyond this social media app, Josh is a very unique and extra-ordinary human capturing the hearts of many people from all around the world with his hilarious, outlandish antics. From performing Coachella – 2013, to TV shows, Books, Wine, Modeling – there seems to be no stopping the man. We had a chance to chop it up with the young Entrepreneur at our showroom in Soho, nothing but good energy.

Sammy Adams

“Boston’s Boy” Sammy Adams – Hip Hop artist and fashion enthusiast, known for his feel good music and clever rhymes. Sammy caused quite a stir when he first jumped onto the scene in 2010, topping many digital hip-hop charts. Sammy may also be responsible for helping bring rap into suburbia with his party anthems that we still hear today. Since then, he has worked with Tiesto, Mike Posner, Madison Love among a long list of recognizable names in the industry. Overall, a very down to earth, intelligent artist who left his mark in his lane and was one of the for-runners for this genre of college-friendly, feel-good hip hop. Appreciate the visit Sammy, looking forward to your future releases.

Rhea Carter

Creativity and Innovation are a few words we can think of when reflecting on Rhea Carter. This gem of a human has unique ways of expressing her artistic visions through blogging and hairstyles. Only a few years ago, the Chicago native created a huge buzz within the Vogue community when jumped on the scene with the “Storm from Xmen” hair due – grabbing the attention of numerous high-end fashion editors. Furthermore, Her uncanny ability to find the beauty in thrift-stores, bringing to life garments which others deemed useless. The message from her creations is that their truly is beauty in everything, and she wants to inspire others to see so as well. She carries the traits of a young visionary, her future is glistening and we wish her nothing but the best – thanks for stopping by and hanging out with the team!

Phony ppl

What may be the most interesting group of individuals that the public are still sleeping on, Phony Ppl. Originally comprised of 9 Members, this young talented group of New Yorkers have been creating music said to be well beyond its years. There music can be described at ‘Brooklyn Soul’ where very structured sounds engulf the listener into a swirl of Acoustics, Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop. It took the group 3 years to come out with their debut album titled “Phonyland” because they were so concerned with the actual team chemistry – creating bonds and a brother hood. Through becoming one entity rather than a group of individuals, Phony Ppl have been putting out some really intelligent, intellectual music for anyone at any time or place can enjoy. Their liveliness at our Soho Showroom was truly a moment of appreciation for us and we cannot wait to hear what’s next for this dynamic group.

OG Maco

One of Atlanta’s latest Rock Stars to emerge out of the realm of hip hop. Maco definitely is not “just another rapper” his style and approach to music is unlike any other, which is what has contributed to his rapid rise to success. Most recognize him from his music video “You Guessed It”, reaching aver 50M views. Maco plays the role of a ringleader of an impromptu mosh-pit held in a hotel elevator. What does moshing have to do with Hiphop? It is a release of emotional energy and the celebration of music, so it has everything to do with hiphop. For Maco, his love for metalcore led to his unique style of screamo-rap, the numbers do not lie, he has truly risen into an illustrious up and coming innovator in today’s world of hiphop.  Signed to Quality Control alongside Migos, and Rich the Kid to name a few. One thing that brings all these individuals together is that Atlanta mindset. Much respect to Maco, keep releasing game changing sounds.

Michael Knapp, a young visualist with an array of collaborations and published photos under his belt. From Source Magazine, Rolling Stones or shooting lookbook campaigns for brands like KITH and ourselves. We’ve had the pleasure to be around this individual and have fed off of his creativity. His instagram account displays some of his accolades. Whether it was capturing Lil Uzi Vert in a moment, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Kanye West, A$AP Rocky for Highsnobiety, the list goes on. Snapps was one of many artists to show off their talent during Art Basel 2016 in Miami, where Aedifex Studio teamed up with photographer, where he was able to speak about and show off his favorite shots to date. Wishing nothing but love and success to Michael in his future endeavors, keep killing it.


An intellectually driven Norwegian Producer which has mastered a multitude of instruments and is creating a buzz all around the music industry. Lido set fire into listeners hearts as he bursted into the Gobi Tent during Coachella 2016. Debuting his album “Everything” in front of fans, and thousands of other soon to be admirers. Every specific voice on the album served a purpose to carry through the story of his album, mentionable features would be Jaden Smith, one of Lido’s best friends. Two young visionaries taking huge steps forward in their respective categories. His performances are captivating, as he runs from instrument to instrument in a frantic blaze, a big reason for the respect he is getting over his music. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this gentleman, skies the limit.

Kitty Cash

A Brooklyn-Born talent which is recognized as an award-winning DJ, fashion publicist and style star among many other accolades. The potential for what her future has in store is boundless, while she hovers in and out of music genre’s creating new sounds that are unheard of. It’s all about the vibe and the energy she exudes during her performances, and the feeling you get listening to her melodies. Her skills extend well beyond the DJ booth, and fashion world – she is also a trusted source for up and coming music, art and speaks about her passion for these things while being an editor for the Huffington Post. A truly talented Woman who has a blinding-bright future ahead of her, looking forward to watching Kitty continue to create her magic.

Jordun Love

A charming young man both inside and out, Jordun Love is leaving his mark on the world of fashion, while his journey has only just begun. Specifically working as a Runway and Fashion model, Jordun has appeared on Givenchy runways, Nylon Magazine, W Magazine and Exit Magazine to name a few. This multifarious individual is signed to a Major Model Management firm in New York. He has also recently been seen in a music video alongside the rising star Kehlani for her music video titled “Distraction”. Expect to see much more of Jordan as future campaigns are released, we appreciate you stopping by and showing love we wish you an endless amount of success in your future endeavors. Jedi P 

It is difficult to categorize this musicians tracklists. His soundcloud bounces around from uplifting beats to moody melodies. He really can appeal to a variety of  listeners and that is exactly what type of diversity he brings to the table and what his fans admire him for. Along with his unique productions, comes his very apparent love for fashion. His instagram shows off his wide range of outfit selections and varied styles. Jedi just defines cool with his creativity and individuality. A young pioneer in the making, take a look at his latest soundcloud releases “Make AmeriKKKa Great Again” and “Frontin?” you will really get a perspective for his varied style.


“Up Next” this ambitious fashion mogul is getting a serious following, and continues to show off his interchangeability with a wide range of garment selections and outfit creations. Titled as one of our generations kings of the youth, Ade is a close affiliate to the A$AP movement, seen numerous times strolling to a fashion show alongside none other than A$AP Rocky. We have had the chance to work with him and have nothing but positive things to say about this youthful visionary. Ade is setting trends and creating waves, we’ve seen him also model for Vlone, Stussy, and Fred Perry. Alongside his older brother Ian Connor, these 2 creative rock stars are on the way – way – way up.

Hudson Mohawke

If you don’t know this individual, you absolutely should. Warp Record’s ‘Hudson Mohawke’ is a grammy nominated record producer and DJ working across an array of genres such as dance music, avant garde, and hip hop. All this while being Kanye West’s go-to guy and studio guru. A few songs you may recognize from his library of creations are: “Mercy” – G.O.O.D Music, “Connect” – Drake, “Lay it Down” – Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, “Everyday” ft A$AP Rocky, Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson. Hudson Mohawke truly is a ‘super-producer’ and a trailblazer in the music industry.

Hannah Sider

Vogue, Complex, High Snobiety, The Fader, Elle, Architectural Digest, GQ – These are only a few areas where Hannah has had her work published. Her skills have taken her across the country, working for a countless amount of industries – not only limited to fashion, but sports, and many aspect of various businesses as well. We have had the pleasure to see her passion and skills bring some of our pieces to life and we look forward to more collaborations in the future. Keep releasing those jaw-dropping images Hannah, the world loves you for it.

A young lady, becoming the voice of this generation through showing her true colors and bringing to light the trials and tribulations one can encounter in their lives. So many people connect with Halsey because she is tells the truth, her emotions are raw and from the heart. Her compassion stems far away from music, she is also a strong advocate for sexual equality and a spokesperson for Mental health awareness. Halsey has been on the road for some time now, selling out shows wherever she goes. Her schedule may be quite busy but she is known to be very connected with her fans, showing the level of compassion this young lady has. Halsey has also performed alongside top acts such as The Weeknd and Imagine Dragons. Your presence and intellect is highly contagious, thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us.

Allan Kingdom

Canadian born Allan Kingdom is the definition of artistry. His “story -telling” hip hop style submerges his audience in intellectually sound lyricism with smooth/funky rhythms. Allan is putting up huge numbers for the North, through cultivating his unique style, he is leaving us all wanting more. Allan got a huge break when he was featured on Kanye’s “All Day” track, and has also released a few of his own projects – Trucker Music, Talk to Strangers, Future Memoirs, and his recently dropped – Northern Lights. What makes this artist so interesting is that no rapper out sounds like him. He has created his own lane and is staying authentic and true to himself, something all of us can admire. Continue to watch Allan scale up the ranks of hip hop, we definitely are looking forward to it.

-Words by, Shawn McAlpine.