Brand Manifesto

There are two essential layers. One internal and one external.
Profound (Internal) The story. The message. The concept. The idea.
Aesthetic (External) The visual. The colors. The textures. The fabrics.

Profound Aesthetic is the by-product of bringing two worlds together. It is a way of cultivated internal thought and fascinating external beauty. With these two layers as part of the fundamental core of the brand, stories are told through the pieces that are made. The quest is to create collections of beautifully designed product with an infinite life span. To consistently merge art and fashion and curate both a lifestyle while perpetuating a new way of thought.

On Change

Adapt or die. Every exit is an entry somewhere else. Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found. The Profound Aesthetic brand embraces transition and change. Seasons change, moods change and what humans like today they may despise tomorrow. React on feeling. React on emotion and energy, not on industry. It’s a paradox: To achieve continuity, we have to be willing to change. Change is, in fact, the only way to protect whatever exists. To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.

On Design

There is very little organized planning and structure that goes into our design process. It’s a very natural and fluid form of creation. We design on mood, feeling and energy, keeping tones mostly muted with darker tones, sometimes with subtle pops of colors.  Imagery and words play a heavy role. Oftentimes, the weeks approaching a new seasonal collection are subtly filled with idea-hunting. These ideas are stored within iphone notes, folders on computer desktops and in our minds. We usually put together full collections within one to two weeks, from start to finish and work triple shifts in order to complete them. It sounds like chaos but there’s certainly a method to it that works. In the end, if the process comes from the heart and mind, it all somehow aesthetically ties into place and becomes a cohesive collection. There is only one goal: To make each collection progressively better than the last.